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Top 10 Linux Distributions of 2015


As the end of 2015 approaches, it is not only a time to start drafting your new year’s resolutions but also to check out what were the most popular Linux distributions in 2015. So grab a cup of coffee or popcorn maybe as we start our top ten list of Linux distributions of 2015.

Ubuntu, a Debian based Linux distribution is one of the most popular distribution even since its first release. Ubuntu is famous among the first time Linux users. The best thing about Ubuntu is that it comes pre-loaded with the basic applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Empathy. There are also a large number of other applications available for Ubuntu.
The User Interface of Ubuntu is pretty simple and User Friendly, so if even if you’re shifting from Windows or OS X you won’t have any trouble adopting to its interface.

Open Suse is famous among Developers and Administrators. Apart from the stable release, Open Suse also has a rolling release called Tumbleweed for those who want the latest software. Like Ubuntu, it also comes with applications pre-loaded that are enough to get you started.
It is one of the most stable distribution of linux. It doesn’t matter weather you are a beginner or an advanced Linux user, Open Suse will work just right for you.

Fedora, built and maintained by Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat, comes in three editions: Workstation(For Desktops), Server and Cloud. There are several versions that provides different sets of applications and desktop environment. Fedora is well known for its strong security, perhaps it is one of the most secure distribution of Linux.
Fedora is a distribution for advanced users who want a secure system and also want to try latest softwares.

Debian is one of the oldest Linux distribution out there. Many Linux distributions are based on Debian, so technically, it is the father of several other distributions. It is one of the most stable distribution because it is thoroughly tested before its release, this is the reason why new versions of Debian don’t come often.
Debian is best suited for the servers or the users who want a stable and secure system, and those who don’t want to update their applications often.

Linux mint, based on Ubuntu is a complete and a powerful distribution. It is highly customizable and works well even on older computers. The best thing about Linux Mint is that it comes pre-installed with media codecs as a part of its standard installations, so you’ll be able to play music and videos without any extra configurations.
Linux Mint is best suited for those who want a complete system that works out of the box.

Mageia is a Linux distribution created from Madriva Linux by its former employees. It offers many desktop environment and also highly customizable. It’s a great choice if you want to try a distribution that is different from others.
It is best suited for the users who want to try a new Linux distribution which supports many desktop environment.

Elementary OX is another Ubuntu based distribution which comes with a set of basic applications pre-installed. It has its own Desktop environment know called Pantheon. It is one of the best looking desktop which can easily replace windows or OS X
Elementary OS is best suited for the users who wants a Linux Distribution which looks like OS X.

CentOS 'abbreviated from Community Enterprise Operating System', is a Linux distro derived from the sources of Red Hat Linux. It is best known and most used as a distribution for Linux Servers. The best thing about CentOS is that it it bundles Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl and various  other server centric softwares.
It is best suited for the web servers.

Manjaro, based on Arc Linux is yet another Linux distribution that works out of the box. Like Linux Mint, it also comes with  media codecs pre-installed as part of its standard installation  and hence no extra configuring is required to play media files. It also comes with several plugins and apps that handles all sort of files.
It is best suited if you want a system that works out of the box and is able to handle all sort of different files.

Arch is an independent open source distribution which means it is not based on any other Linux Distro. This is a Distribution which is best suited for someone who is an advanced user of Linux because GUI configuration utilities are not officially provided in it, and most system configuration is performed from the shell and a text editor. It is one of the most geeky distribution available.
It is best suited for the advanced Linux user.


In this article We have shared a short description of  top 10 distributions of 2015. So if you are a new user trying to decide which distribution to choose to start your journey with Linux, or if you are an advanced and experienced user trying to explore the new options, we hope this guide will allow you to take the right decision.

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