Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WhatsApp Plus is Shutting Down


WhatsApp Plus is shutting down. Developer Mounib Al Rifai announced on Google Plus that the service will shut down as a result of a cease and desist later received from Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus users have recently been experiencing a 24-hour ban from the service because WhatsApp Plus is in no way authorized or licensed by WhatsApp. Here’s the official words from the WhatsApp itself.

Created by a Spanish developer but not available through Google Play, the app has apparently been downloaded more than 35 million times from alternative Android app store Up to Down since its 2012 release. This unofficial app offered extra ways to customize the appearance of conversations,it came with some extra set of features and very clean design.

If you got lucky and still able to use the WhatsApp plus let me tell you that you're not going to receive any further updates for this App and also it would be a clever idea to switch back to official WhatsApp app because a permanent ban is not a good thing as compared to only 24 hours of ban.

PS: WhatsApp Plus will always remain in our hearts.

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