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Deepin: One of the best Linux


Being a Linux lover i love trying different distros of Linux as every ditro comes with its own different set of features and also with new interfaces and designs.

I was scrolling through my facebook timeline when i came across a new distro called Deepin, i visited its official site and downloaded it. I was not very excited because i presumed it to be yet another distro but it came out to be one of the best distro that i ever tried. So what makes this distro different from others?

One of the easiest installer

As i said i love trying new distros, i came across with several different kind of installers but Deepin's Installer is different from others. Not only because its simpler for a new user, it is also quite pleasant.

You have to download the multi-language ISO of Deepin otherwise as Deepin is a Chinese Distro, you'll end up with a screen where everything will be written in Chinese, it's not cool until you know how to read Chinese.

When the installation starts the first screen which appears will ask you to choose your preferable language.

Then next screen will ask you to create username and password for the user.

The third screen will ask you to choose the partition on which you want to install Depin, you can also repartition your hard drive on this screen.

Once you click on install, Deepin will start playing a demo in which it shows some of the features of Deepin. Once the installation is finished it will ask you to reboot your system in order to use your newly installed Deepin.

Welcome to Demo

Once you reboot into Deepin it will give you a demo of its system features and how to use. This is somewhat similar to android's Demo when you boot into it for the first time. Its a good job from Deepin because at first a new user finds a little difficulty using a new system.


Deepin comes with a very neat and clean interface. Unlike any other distro,on the Deepin's desktop you will see nothing but only a dock at the bottom. The icons used in the Deepin are refreshing and modern as compared to any other distro.

     Hot Corners

The Destop has four hot corners which means if you take your mouse cursor to these corners you will be able to access certain features. By default the top left corner opens all the installed apps, the bottom left corner show/hide all the windows, the top right corner displays a grid view of all the open windows and the bottom right corner opens control center.

You can change or configure these corners according to your need. Just right click on the desktop and select 'Corner navigation' from the context menu. it will show you all the corners where you can choose the desired actions for the corners.


Deepin comes with an app drawer similar to Android smartphones where it shows all the installed apps, it is named as 'Launcher' and can be accessed by moving the mouse cursor on the top left hot corner(By default).

So the advantage of Launcher is that you can access your apps with such an ease. Like in windows 8, Launcher also comes with an option where you can start typing the name of the app on the screen in order to search it.

     Multi Tasking made easy

If you move your mouse cursor to top right hot corner it displays all the open windows in a grid view, also if you press windows and tab key together it displays all the open windows with a scrolling effect which makes very easy to choose different windows if you are working on more than one window at the same time.

     Control center

Unlike all other OSs, Deepin do not have a separate control panel or a settings window, instead all the settings appear as a right panel which can be accessed by moving the cursor to the bottom right hot corner. It allows you to manage all the system settings, user accounts and every thing else. There is also an option to edit your boot menu where you can change the background of your boot screen and also can select the default OS if you have more than one OSs installed.


Deepin comes with a Dock at the bottom of the screen which contains several frequently used and other pinned apps. It gives you a feel of using Apple's Mac OS.

The best thing about the dock is that it comes with three different modes which are Fashion,Efficient and Classic mode. In fashion mode it looks like a Mac Os's dock and in Efficient and Classic mode it transforms into something like windows OS's Taskbar. So it doesn't matter if you are a windows, Mac or Linux user you are not going to feel any difficulty in order the get used to Deepin's interface.

Fashion Mode
Efficient Mode
Classic Mode

Whats inside the box

Apart from regular apps like calculator and text editor, Deepin comes with some of the other necessary apps like Flash Player, PDF Viewer, Archive manager,Disc burner etc. so you do not have to install a set of other different apps after installing Deepin.It comes with Google Chrome as its default browser so there's also no need to install any other browser as it is one of the best browser. Well if you don't use Google chrome then you can always install any other browser of your choice.

It also comes with an app store where you can install any app of your choice with just one click, so gone are the days when you have to fight with the terminal codes in order to install an app which was a very very difficult task for a new user. This was a disadvantage of Linux for a normal user but now with the app store, installing any app is as easy as a mouse click.

I am not GNOME, i am DDE

Even it looks like Gnome shell but it is not, Deepin is using its own shell called 'Deepin Desktop Environment' or simply DDE which is based on HTML5 and uses QML and Go languages. Core components of DDE include desktop, launcher, dock and the control center.


Well i am a Distro hopper, i keep trying new distros all the time just to get freshness and new features, I install new distros on a Virtual machine and if it turns out to be a good one i install it on my machine. Ubuntu is my default OS, apart from ubuntu i also use Kali Linux on my second machine but i must say that Deepin has all it takes to migrate a non Linux user to Linux. The more i am using Deepin the more i am falling in love with it, if you ask me what is the best Linux Distro if anyone have to migrate from windows or Mac, without a second thought i will say Deepin, The reason is simple -its simplicity and ease of use. Not only for beginners, Deepin is also one of the best distro if you are a hardcore Linux user.

Thats all about Deepin, if you haven't tried it yet then you should certainly give it a try and if you already did, let us know about your experience with Deepin in commnets.

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